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How it works

You get a real phone number from the new-team page

Players subscribe from the join-team page or by just texting their name to the number

Text messages you send to the team number are broadcast to all members

Messages sent by other team members are delivered only to you until you permit them to broadcast.

It's just a phone number. Add it to your contacts! There is nothing to download. Everything can be done from a simple phone. Only the list owner needs an account.

We solve problems...

Defy the unpredictable

People forget things, cars break down, meetings take to long. Now you can manage it.

Mobile for the whole team

Not everyone on your team wants to pay for a data plan - so you can do everything from any SMS phone. However, our website is mobile-friendly. Resize your browser window down to see what we look like on your smart phone.

Get EVERYONE on the list

Members do not need a smart phone. Members do not need to visit this website. They can sign up from anywhere. You can sign the lazy ones up yourself. You can be certain everyone is signed up and one message will reach them all.

Number stays with the team

We are transferable - nobody owns the list. A new manager can take over the list without impacting anyone else. You will never have to start another list.

Many to Many

Everyone can send and receive. You can even send direct messages to team members using just their name or subgroup

Typical last minute game-day conversation

Bill: Can someone arrange to bring a net... Last week we had to play without it... Boys need to start warm up on their own and I will be to field by 5:15pm

Brian: Just a heads up I had to pick derek up from school w fever he will have to sit this one out

Karen: kevin will be late tonight

Susan: Hey everyone! We could use a few more bodies for the scrimmage tonight if anyone else can join please come out! Field 5

Nancy: I am home sick but cooper can go ..can he catch a ride? We also have the net if you still need one..

Susan: Yes, I'm leaving now tell him to get ready! Thanks, got a net from doug

Sarah: I can bring him too.

Nancy: Thanks Sarah. Susan is closer! I owe you both!