Sending messages

Regular Messages

Your messages are broadcast to the team if you are a list manager. Otherwise your messages go only to the manager(s)

Command Messages

Commands let you do cool stuff! Start your message with one of the 1-2 letter commands below...


Send these commands as a text message from your mobile phone to the team number

To subscribe to an open team with the name Paige Turner

paige turner

You are subscribed as PaigeTurner

To subscribe to an closed team with the name Paige Turner

paige turner pswd

You are subscribed as PaigeTurner

To see this command list


oo opt out
d direct msg
pt phone tag
h get cmds
l list members
ue rcv email
s status
stp stop all
nm rename

To opt-out permanently (get off the team roster)


RustyHorn has been removed. To rejoin send:
firstname lastname

To opt-out for a number of hours then auto-magically rejoin. You must have a space between the command and the number.

oo 72

You have opted out of team messaging
You will magically rejoin again in 72 hours

A nice option if you want to mute the traffic over a weekend. Maximum of 168 hours (one week)

To get a fresh phone tag


Your phone tag: 123456

The phone tag is a six letter code. It is unique to you and will expire in three days.

Sign in, and follow these instructions.

The phone tag to links your sign in account to your phone number(s) so we can show you a complete list of your teams.

To see your current member name


Your name is RustyHorn

To change your name try this. The spaces are important.

nm dusty mc mutton

You have updated your name to DustyMcMutton


Can send and manage
UsesEmail: No
TeamMsgs: 657
TeamEnds: Fri 11 Jan 2014

To have group messages forwarded to your account email.


You will now receive group messages via your email

Send the same command again to toggle it back to your phone.

You can automatically return group messages to your phone in a number of hours. For 72 hours...

ue 72

Saves money if you don't have an unlimited text plan! It also preserves your teams messages because emails do not subtract from the balance.

You can still send text and receive direct messages on your phone. This only effect incoming group messages.

To vote on the latest question asked by your coach/manager. Note the space after the command.

v your answer!

This command uses labels

To list the names of everyone on the team



To list everyone on the team with "roark" in their name or matching one of their labels. Note the space after the command.

l roark


This command uses labels

To get help with this command just send "d"


D xxx message
Message is sent to anyone with xxx pattern in their name
Check first with L command like this:
L xxx

To send a direct message to everyone with "coach" in their name or labels. The spaces between the command and the pattern and the message are required.

d coach not my fault i was screened

You can send direct messages to anyone on the team regardless of your privilege level. You can even use the wilcard "*"

d * I have fallen and I can't get up!

to broadcast your message to all members.

Let's say you are JohnnyDepp and have 5 people on your team and 358 messages.

Send the list command - either l or L


5 members:

You will see the WHOLE list.

Send the list command with a partial name

L Marco

1 member:

You will see the only the names that contain the pattern "marco".

l robert

2 members:

Now two names matched

The direct message command works the same way. If you send...

d charles I loved you in Ben Hur

Then ChalesHeston will see

JohnnyDepp: I loved you in Ben Hur

If you send...

d robert please bring orange wedges

Then both of the "Robert"s will see...

JohnnyDepp: please bring orange wedges

Use direct messages when you can, it will preserve your team's message balance!

Commands are not case sensitive - 'h' is the same as 'H'

List manager commands

Any member with "Coach/Manager" privileges can use these commands

To promote a player to Coach/Manager:

mc Doug

This makes every member with "Doug" in their signature into a coach. This is the admin privilege level.

This is the default privilege level. Messages are sent only to the coach/managers

To set Send to Coach privilege:

sc Doug

This gives all "Doug"s the Send to Coach privilege

To set the entire team's privilege to Send to Coach:

sc *

This is the manager privilege level. Messages are broadcast to the team

To set Send to Team privilege:

st Doug

This gives all "Doug"s the Send to Team privilege

st *

This will unleash reply-all hell by giving the Send to Team privilege to everyone

To remove members from the team roster:

rp Doug

Removes any member with "Doug" in their signature

To exclude members

xp Doug

Remove the sending and receiving privileges of any member with "Doug" in their signature

Handy if you are travelling and don't want to burden members at home with the text traffic. Restore privileges with the "sc" command

To close a team to new members


Members can only join a "closed" team if they send the team password in their subscribe message

To open a team to new members


Members can join a "open" team simply by texting their name. This is the default.

To get a fresh team password


At least one of the coach/managers must have signed into the website to enable this feature

To start a vote: Note the spaces around the hash symbol

v # Taking a vote - who wants pizza?

Assuming you are Sally, everyone on your team will get

Sally: Taking a vote - who wants pizza? Prefix your reply with "v "

The results are sent via email since more than 140 characters are needed

To get the results:


Then all coach/managers will get an email with something like:

JohnnyDepp: Always in for pizza
RobertStack: Just ate, thanks anyway

Results are available until replaced by the next vote